Hello! I hope this page helps to answer any questions you may have. If not please reach out to me through my contact page or sudify@gmail.com. Thank you! xo Suda


HOW the jewelry is made

I collect all of the botanical materials that are featured in my jewelry. When collecting materials I aim to be as sustainable as possible, collecting very small amounts (~5% of a plant specimen). Most items come from Minnesota, but also California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, and North Carolina (when I see something beautiful in nature I can't always help myself).

I completely dry the botanicals (via pressing or dehydrating) and seal them to preserve their color. I then begin the resin process.

Each jewelry piece has between 3-5 layers of resin. The resin I use is a 2 part epoxy resin with archival properties. The resin is embedded in a wood or cast acrylic bezel designed and cut by me on a laser cutter. The metal bezels I use come from a metalworker in Washington. 

The chains I use are sterling silver, stainless steel, or antique brass (your choice). The post on my stud earrings are stainless steel and the earring wire are sterling silver coated steel. 

Resin jewelry is not waterproof. Please do not wear in the shower or while swimming. A brief encounter in the rain will not harm the piece but please do not submerge in water.

As all items are handmade by me, and even though I work my hardest to make them perfect, sometimes I might make a mistake and not complete a jump ring. I am happy to fix any broken pieces or chains. Because I provide earrings backs with all earrings I am not responsible for replacing lost earrings.

Returns are accepted on a case by case basis within one week of purchase. Jewelry must be returned in perfect condition. Return will be processed once jewelry is received.

shipping policies

All orders will be shipped in approximately 1 week from order date. 

Please allow me some time to create your custom piece of jewelry.  Since each piece is made to order and often times requires multiple resin pours, I ask for your patience. 

I know this can be awhile to wait for your piece (especially if it's a present). If you would like to jewelry to arrive sooner, please send me a message and I will do my best to get your piece out sooner! All shipments can be tracked through USPS.

Do you accept custom order requests?

I'd love to work with you on your custom order.  I love to create bridesmaids sets and custom flower jewelry.  If interested in having something made, please get in touch.