Floral jewelry

from 36.00

The floral jewelry features flowers grown in my garden. The flower petals have been pressed, coated in epoxy, and embedded in archival epoxy which will never yellow. The flower petals and epoxy are set inside silver coated pewter, white acrylic, or basswood. All earrings have a sterling silver earring wire and all necklaces are on a stainless steel chain (length of your choice, mention in note at checkout).

Bachelor Button/ Corn Flower (blue)

  1. Bachelor button circle earrings $36

  2. Bachelor button teardrop earrings $36

  3. Bachelor button drop earrings (basswood frames) $42

  4. Bachelor button circle necklace (stainless steel chain) $42

Multi floral: Blue (Nigella/Bachelor button), Yellow (Buttercup/Strawflower), Orange/Red (Zinnia), Pink (Gomphrena), Purple (Statice), White (Queen Anne’s Lace), Green (Nigella)

5. Multi floral circle necklace (stainless steel chain) $38

6. Multi floral circle earrings $36

7. Multi floral dangle earrings (basswood) $42

8. Multi floral dangle earrings (white acrylic) $42

9. Multi floral half moon necklace (white acrylic) $48

10. Multi floral half moon necklace (basswood) $48

11. Buttercup necklace (stainless steel) $38

12. Buttercup earrings $36

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